Special golf society offer during August

Valley green maintenanceIt’s coming up to that time of year where Greetham Valley’s green keepers carry out their essential hollow coring of the greens. Adi Porter, Course Manager at Greetham Valley, explains the process:

‘The renovation work we carry out on the greens is an essential part of our programme to keep the greens at their optimum condition throughout the year. Carrying out the procedure in August gives us the quickest recovery time so less disruption to the playing surfaces. The soil and air temperatures are usually just right for the bent seed to germinate and maximise the benefits of the whole operation.

We firstly scarify all the putting surfaces to remove as much of the dead organic matter (thatch) as possible. This is followed by hollow coring the greens with 10mm hollow tines set at 2 inch spacing to a depth of approx 60mm. This creates the holes that will incorporate the 100 tonnes of sand that we then apply. This is then brushed in to fill the holes.We then apply the bent seed with a dimple seeder, at 4 gm per m2, ensuring that it is not too deep as such a fine seed will not germinate if it is.

The surfaces are then brushed again, and then we iron the greens several times to smooth out the surfaces. We will then keep the greens moist on the surface for about a week which gives the new seed every chance of germinating which then allows us reduce the heights of cut to normal and everything is then back to normal.

We aim to complete 18 greens and have them back to 90% condition within 2 days. They will be back to 100% within 10-14 days.’

The courses are not out of action during this time – far from it! They are closed for the first two days but are then open and very playable – and usually in even better condition than that of many other golf courses’ normally! To encourage golfers not to shy away from the courses during this time, we offer a popular, specially discounted society package. This outstanding offer is only available from Wednesday 7th to Friday 9th August on the Valley course and Wednesday 14th to Friday 16th August on the Lakes course. So why not make the most of the sunshine – grab a golf society bargain at Greetham Valley this August! Contact Gilly for more details.