Snow update at Greetham Valley


Sunny, frosty and bright again at GV today. Yesterday saw no thaw even in the sunshine and the temperature overnight was minus 6 degrees so that snowy duvet across all the courses is still icy cold – and still there… Forecast is for it to be warmer today, now saying up to 4 degrees so it might start a thaw but that won’t be enough to clear 5cm of snow.  Adi the Course Manager has just spoken to the Members’ Committee because of tomorrow’s Captains’ Drive In and competition and the Drive-In has been postponed to 11am, but no golf competition, and the golf lunch will be served in the Lounge Bar at 12.30pm. There are also over 100 diners booked in for New Year’s Day Lunch in the Rutland Suite. In the meantime, the roads and driveway to GV are still clear, so all is set for tonight’s New Year’s Eve party – we’ll see you there!!


Sunny and bright at GV today, but thermometer only showing 1 degree above zero at the mo. Driving Range open, but still good 5cm of snowy duvet on the courses. Nice for walking the dog, but hopeless for golf. Forecast says temps set to rise from tomorrow, so good chance that the Captains’ Drive-In and 9 hole comp will happen on Thursday. However, avoid Robert today if you can #grumpy…

It’s minus 2 degrees out there right now and hasn’t risen much above freezing all day yesterday (Sunday) even in the sun. Courses likely to be closed for Monday and Tuesday, then fingers crossed a thaw will set in. We’ll keep you posted here, but the Golf Shop will probably be the first to know as they will collar Adi the Course Manager as soon they see him! Lounge Bar and restaurant will be open, lane and drive are clear and we’re revving  up for our New Year’s Eve party night!

SNOW UPDATE 27th DECEMBER  6cm of snow since 5pm Boxing Day at Greetham Valley. Courses are closed but Driving Range is open. Robert has been out on his trusty snowplough to clear the lane and drive down to the Clubhouse, so come on in and warm up! Roaring log fire in the Lounge,  and the view across the snowy golf courses is just beautiful – although Robert doesn’t think so…but Jazz the black lab loves it!

Opportunity for a PGA golf professional at Greetham Valley

Greetham Valley Golf Club has an exciting opportunity for a Golf Professional to join our busy operation at the largest golf complex in Rutland and surrounding area.

The successful candidate will be PGA qualified and have a proven track record in delivering the highest quality of product and service.

  • Individual and Group Tuition
  • Minimum 24 hours a week in the Golf Shop
  • Custom Fitting and Repairs
  • Shop stock, merchandise and sales
  • Golf Club and member liaison

You will be highly motivated with self drive to succeed; an excellent communicator and used to working as part of a team as well as on your own initiative.

Interested PGA qualified applicants should send their full CV by e-mail to

Closing date for applications is 18th October 2013

Coloured flag positioning trial at Greetham Valley a success

Greetham Valley flag positioning trialIn early spring this year, Greetham Valley commenced a coloured flag positioning trial, with feedback requested from members and visiting players.

All the positive comments and opinions certainly seemed to hail the trial as a success so flag positioning has now been permanently adopted across the Lakes and the Valley courses.

To remind everyone, the coloured flags are used to indicate hole placement on individual greens, as follows:

  • red flag – hole is positioned towards front third of the green
  • yellow flag – hole is positioned in the middle third of the green
  • white flag – hole is positioned in the back third of the green

Need an easy way to remember? Think of the location and colour of the ladies, gents and competition tees – red forward, yellow middle and white back respectively!

Happy golfing!

This green keeping job is a dog’s life…..

Divoting tees - it's a dog's lifeGolf course maintenance is of course a never ending process of different jobs on different parts of the courses. The August maintenance procedures specifically schedule in work on the greens to keep them in tip-top condition. Daily green keeping involves early morning starts throughout summer, making the most of daylight hours and quiet courses.

It is good, though, to see a fair number of members out there for a quick 9 holes prior to them nipping off to work, and thank you to those are interested enough in what we are doing to ask questions – just don’t get mowed down by a Toro – literally!

Judging by this photo, a green keeper’s dog has a very busy working life when helping with the divots on the tees – sometimes you’ve just got to take a rest!

Liquid Gold fertiliser and August course maintenance

Green after LiquidGold

Greetham Valley golf course manager Adi Porter and his green keeping team have recently applied a  fertiliser called LiquidGold to the greens at Greetham Valley – this image of the 4th green on the Lakes course, taken a day after the application, speaks for itself!

Course maintenance work this August
The renovation work carried out on the greens is an essential part of our programme to keep the greens at their optimum condition throughout the year. Carrying out the procedure in August gives us the quickest recovery time so less disruption to the playing surfaces. The soil and air temperatures are usually just right for the bent seed to germinate and maximise the benefits of the whole operation.

We firstly scarify all the putting surfaces to remove as much of the dead organic matter (thatch) as possible. This is followed by hollow coring the greens with 10mm hollow tines set at 2 inch spacing to a depth of approx 60mm. This creates the holes that will incorporate the 100 tonnes of sand that we then apply. This is then brushed in to fill the holes.We then apply the bent seed with a dimple seeder, at 4 gm per m2, ensuring that it is not too deep as such a fine seed will not germinate if it is.

The surfaces are then brushed again, and then we iron the greens several times to smooth out the surfaces. We will then keep the greens moist on the surface for about a week which gives the new seed every chance of germinating which then allows us to reduce the heights of cut to normal and everything is then back to normal.

We aim to complete 18 greens and have them back to 90% condition within 2 days. They will be back to 100% within 10-14 days.

Schedule for maintenance work
Valley course  Monday 5th August from 10.30am.
Lakes course Monday 12th August from 11.30am.

New mowers and happy greenkeepers at Greetham Valley!

New mower, happy greenkeeper!Robert’s spending on equipment for the golf courses at Greetham Valley continues!

The new mowers are working well, they can be out first thing cutting greens and then units changed (I have the changeover process down to 2 mins 30 seconds) and out cutting tees/surrounds.  Toro really have done themselves proud with these new mowers – they are expensive but quality equipment gives quality results – as I’m sure many of our members and visiting golfers will testify to!

Superb pieces of machinery, and as operator and Greetham Valley Golf Club’s green keeper Gareth Watkin says on Twitter ‘#happyworker’ !


First Spring report from the greens

Despite the short Easter week and the continued bad weather,the green keeping team managed to get quite a lot of work done out on the courses. All fairways have been fertilised, although this is a month later than last year. Greens are still showing no signs of growth yet so to increase the speed for this weekend’s golf, we ironed them and also put another light topdressing of sand on.

We have been busy clearing up the wood from the left of the 17th Valley. The removal of these trees has been necessary as some are diseased (not ash dieback ), and some have started to rot from the centre of the trunk.  The positive outcome of this will be that the logs will provide some of the heating in the Lounge bar next winter!

Hopefully next week we will see a change in the weather to a milder, possibly wetter, pattern and this will promote grass growth and allow us to get the courses into their peak condition.

I know you will have noticed the coloured flag positioning by now and it is hoped that many of you have seen an improvement to your game! Do let us know your thoughts.

Enjoy your golf

Adi Porter, Course Manager

Hole in one on first day of flag positioning trial!

A hole in one on the first day of Greetham Valley’s flag positioning trial!

Now this has made the trial more interesting  - on his eighth visit to Greetham Valley with a group of friends on a golf break, Steve Osborne aced the 6th on the Lakes course, his first ever hole in one!

The yellow flag was placed in the middle third of the green to the right and Steve’s 9 iron shot cleared the pond, bounced once and went in the hole. He would like to say it was a deliberately calculated fine shot but was honest and said ‘Sheer luck!’  By coincidence, the greenkeepers were just a few minutes away from moving the hole to another position on the green – that would probably have saved Steve the cost of the whisky bottle he put on the bar for the benefit of those in the Clubhouse!

We do very much want feedback from players during the coloured flag positioning trial – remember, red flag in the front third, yellow in the middle and white in the back third. Does this coloured visual aid improve your approach shot? Does it help in club selection? Are you seeing a decrease in your shots per round? Do you have any other opinions (polite and constructive please!) regarding the trial?

Please speak to Captains Trevor or Sheila, to Dee or Robert Hinch or email or via Twitter @GreethamValley – we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Coloured flag positioning trial at Greetham Valley

Following a suggestion from a member, and in agreement with Course Manager Adi, Greetham Valley is trialling coloured flag positioning on both the Lakes and the Valley courses.

From today, for a trial period, coloured flags will be used to indicate hole placement on individual greens, as follows:

  • red flag – hole is positioned towards front third of the green
  • yellow flag – hole is positioned in the middle third of the green
  • white flag – hole is positioned in the back third of the green

Need an easy way to remember? Think of the location and colour of the ladies, gents and competition tees – red forward, yellow middle and white back respectively!

No trial would be complete without valuable feedback from those who play the courses, so please do let us know your thoughts. Does it help or hinder your game or are you Either speak to the Captains, to Dee Hinch or email - we look forward to receiving your input.



Tuesday 2nd April HOPEFULLY THE LAST OF THE SNOW UPDATES FOR THE SEASON!  All courses at Greetham Valley are open and playing to main greens. Its a beautiful day out there – wall to wall blue sky! Its supposed to be 6 degrees, but factor in that wind chill and wear your thermals! There are still some snow bunkers (not a new permanent feature devised by Adi the Course Manager we hope!) so please treat as GUR. The Golf Shop will advise when Winter Rules no longer apply. Buggy limitations – reviewed on a daily basis, again please ask. Lady Captain Sheila is insistent that a heatwave is just 3 weeks away – roll on summer! Our latest weather forecast is for a balmy nine degrees by Sunday – gosh, we’ll be basking out on the patio…..

Thursday 28th March 2013 2pm ALL COURSES OPEN FOR GOOD FRIDAY! Adi the Course Manager has just reported that he and his team will have  the Lakes, the Valley and the Academy courses open for Good Friday. Be aware that there are still lots of pockets of snow, especially in the bunkers, which should be treated as GUR. It’s also likely to be quite slippery on slopes so please take care. Hopefully play will be on all main greens but tomorrow’s early inspection will confirm. Don’t bother with white balls – we sold a good few boxes of yellow balls today for a very good reason! The Easter Pairs competition is on – have fun out there!

Wednesday 27th March 2013 4pm LAKES COURSE OPEN FOR THURSDAY for members and their guests only - NO GREENFEES FOR MEMBERS’ GUESTS ON THURSDAY! Bring your yellow balls as there is still snow lying out there. Play will be to main greens except the 10th which is still embracing its own little Arctic micro climate. Hopefully Lakes and Valley courses will both be fully open to everyone on Friday, subject to the vagaries of these erratic weather systems. Academy course is open to all.

Wednesday 27th March 2013 8am ACADEMY COURSE OPEN  - remember to bring yellow balls! Lakes and Valley still closed today but we are very hopeful now that they also will be open tomorrow. Fingers crossed that this thaw continues, it is currently 2 degrees above freezing with a light wind. This morning’s forecast suggests we should miss any localised snow flurries today. The snow which melted from the greens yesterday has drained well, still some depth on the rough and patchy on the fairways but it’s all definitely on the move.

Tuesday 26th March 2013 4pm COURSES CLOSED AND ON WEDNESDAY TOO But Adi says that providing this thaw continues, we will have golf on Thursday!! We have seen 2 inches melt today in the sunshine, which has been fabulous, although it has been almost at zero degrees most of the day so the thaw has not been as quick as we’d hoped. The greens are clearing well although pretty soggy but the wind is quite drying so we are very hopeful indeed for Thursday.

Tuesday 26th March 2013 8am COURSES CLOSED TODAY BUT FINGERS CROSSED FOR TOMORROW! The sun is shining, the snow is melting – Adi the Course Manager is hopeful the greens will be cleared by this afternoon but there’s still some depth in the rough and on some of the fairways. He will inspect again this afternoon and we are keeping fingers crossed for play tomorrow, providing this thaw continues. Watch this space!

Monday 25th March 2013 4pm COURSES STILL CLOSED TODAY BUT THAW HAS SET IN  – WOW! Well we didn’t expect this thaw today – must get my crystal ball re-polished! There’s still some snow out there but that golden orb in the sky has worked it’s magic for two hours this afternoon and just look at the difference! The Course Manager is talking about clearing the greens tomorrow so fingers crossed this continues – we’ll keep you updated as soon as possible.

Monday 25th March 2013 8am THE COURSES ARE CLOSED. There’s a thick layer of snow out there on the golf courses; the roads and driveway are clear but it is icy out there, please take care when coming down for coffee/lunch etc. Looking at the forecast, we think we will be lucky to see any golf at Greetham Valley this side of Good Friday – unless the temp raises a few degrees to start the thaw. We just need that Scandinavian high to shift a bit! Keep an eye on this blog, we’ll update regularly.

Saturday 23rd March 2013 8am AND THE COURSES ARE CLOSED AGAIN. We now have about 4 cm lying on the grass, with a steady light continuous snowfall that hasn’t stopped since about 7pm last night. The lane and driveway is clear – thanks to Robert and his trusty snowplough and we were gritting yesterday in preparation. On a good note, last night’s Race Night raised over £850 for the Captains’ Charity the Peterborough Neonatal Baby Unit – well done to all involved and thank you to all the ‘punters’ who enjoyed the Tote and the whole evening – it was a great atmosphere, great fun! A special mention to John Cox, whose table donated their £100 winnings on their ‘auctioned horse’ straight back to the charity – a very generous gesture.

Friday 22nd March 2013 12 noon LAKES COURSE IS OPEN!! What a difference a few hours can make – unbelievable! The Lakes course is open, as is the Academy course, but no buggies for obvious reasons. OK, fingers and toes crossed everyone that we miraculously avoid any more snow…….(wishful thinking). Just spotted the first intrepid, well wrapped up golfers heading to the tee…. what a hardy bunch we have here today!

Friday 22nd March 2013 8am COURSES ARE CLOSED FOR GOLF. And this image shows why. We are on the fringe at the moment with snow settling on the grass but not the roads and driveway to us. The greenkeepers are out gritting to keep them clear. The forecast is for continuous light snow here throughout most of the day, then to deteriorate further overnight and tomorrow. Oh the joys of Spring. And only a week to the start of British Summertime……


Thursday 14th February 2013 8am LAKES COURSE AND ACADEMY COURSE OPEN, ALL ON MAIN GREENS Valley course is closed today as it’s a bit too soggy in places to make play enjoyable! Forecast for today is for no more rain from 9am and then the next few days is set to really fine up – excellent! Temperature showing on my car on the school run at 7.40am was 5 degrees, high of 9 is forecast for noon today.

Wednesday 13th February 2013 noon MAIN COURSES OPEN, ON MAIN GREENS! Sorry for the delay in posting this update – we have had no internet connection all morning until 5 minutes ago – very annoying! Not as annoying as the snow was of course but all three courses are now open and playing on main greens – yippee! Pretty nippy out there so don’t forget your thermals, see you soon.

Tuesday 12th February 2013 8am MAIN COURSES CLOSED, ACADEMY COURSE GREENS CLEARING  The temperature drop last night means that the snow is still lying over most of  the Lakes and the Valley courses and we don’t expect a sufficient thaw this morning to open them. However, the greenkeepers are busy working on the tees and greens of the Academy course and it is playable for everyone for a good old practice round. As soon as Adi the course manager informs us that the main courses are playable, we’ll let you know! He does anticipate that they will be open tomorrow. Roads, driveway and car parks are completely clear for access to Greetham Valley for today’s conferences and luncheon groups et al.

Monday 11th February 2013 8am AAARRRRRGGGHH!! IT’S BACK! The courses are closed at  the moment due to a thin blanket of snow but the greenkeepers are currently working on getting some temporary greens sorted out so please try phoning us this afternoon for an update on that if you are desperate for a game. The Seniors’ booking for this morning has of course been cancelled. Robert strapped on the snowplough at 6am to ensure accessibility to Greetham Valley for all the conferences and lunches we have booked in today, so no worries there.

Monday 28th January 2013 8am  GREETHAM VALLEY’S GOLF COURSES ARE OPEN AND PLAYING ON MAIN GREENS! Yippee! The Seniors are pouring onto the Lakes course with glee – there is ice on the 3rd green which the greenkeepers are working on so that is the only hole not playing to the main green on that course. On the Valley, holes 9 to 13 are still closed due to waterlogging – it’s the only part of Greetham Valley with clumps of underlying blue clay, hindering drainage. Apart from that – enjoy, folks!

Sunday 27th January 2013 9am ACADEMY COURSE AND DRIVING RANGE ARE OPEN, LAKES AND VALLEY STILL CLOSED. Well, it’s a start! Who would have thought that the overnight rain would have cleared so much snow away so quickly? Friday’s snow meant that yesterday morning it was lying a good 8 inches deep all over Greetham Valley, then the heavens opened and it all started disappearing. Looking forward to a busy Sunday lunchtime – ask for a window table to enjoy all the greenery out there - not a lot of snow left except on northfacing slopes but now the greenkeepers need to ensure all the meltwater drains as there is a lot of standing water about. WE DO BELIEVE THE LAKES AND THE VALLEY COURSES WILL BE OPEN TOMORROW – WATCH THIS SPACE AND KEEP FINGERS CROSSED!

Friday 25th January 2013 noon COURSES ARE CLOSED FOR GOLF. And it registered minus 7 last night so no chance of a thaw starting. Quite a few people here already today – lunches, coffees etc. We also have a wedding here today – congratulations Becky and Mark! More snow is threatened for late afternoon/evening but Robert is to hand with the snow plough and will keep Greetham Valley accessible. Guests coming to the Robbie Williams Tribute Night tomorrow night will have no issues with access to us so don’t fret! We also have a special accommodation offer on if you decide to stay the night instead of heading home at midnight. WINTER LEAGUE: the competition on Sunday 27th January has been postponed – Dennis will re-schedule asap.

Wednesday 23rd January 2013 noon COURSES ARE CLOSED FOR GOLF. No more snow overnight but temperatures not lifting above freezing, so no thaw. Forecast for next two days pretty similar, but we may get some form of precipitation on Friday – no bets being taken for Rutland re snowflakes or raindrops. Temperatures are set to rise for the weekend and into early next week but threat of precipitation continues. Good to see golf club members here yesterday and today enjoying their games of bridge, lunches and coffees! Local access to Greetham Valley fine – again just please take care.

Tuesday 22nd January 2013 10am COURSES ARE CLOSED FOR GOLF. And last night’s minus 7 temperatures at Greetham Valley didn’t help anything either. At least it didn’t snow – yay, let’s look on the bright side! The Driving Range is currently closed – greenkeepers have been unsuccessfully playing hunt the golf balls – BUT we aim to have the Range open for the weekend. Access to Greetham Valley is clear; again please take care on ungritted roads when heading our way. We’ve had our first burst pipe, luckily in an unused part of the complex so no damage. Someone enjoying the snow is Jazz – she makes brilliant snowballs with her nose then attacks them because they are clearly vicious and need destroying….

Monday 21st January 2013 9am COURSES ARE CLOSED FOR GOLF. Isn’t this just YUK? After a snowy weekend (so much for weather forecasts) we now have six inches covering the golf courses. We are accessible for food and drinks but please take care on ungritted roads on the way to us. Jazz and the girls went sledging on Saturday, its surprising how few slopes out on the courses DON’T have water at the bottom! Found the best one for sledging was the 8th on the Valley, Robert is now considering a ski lift running along the side of the wood there…..If you can’t beat the snow, might as well make the most of it!

Friday 18th January 2013 noon COURSES ARE CLOSED FOR GOLF. Well of course they are, and oh yes I now detect a fine sleet slanting in on the wind. Our Front of House Manager  is snowed in at home 45 miles away westwards – not even Robert can help you there Nicola, sorry! Temperature last night was only minus 2 (only?); we aren’t forecast for a blizzard such as they are enduring currently in South Wales but that may well change. The weekend is set to be snow free for Rutland and the Driving Range should be open for anyone having golfing withdrawal symptoms. There are strong suggestions of more snowfall on Monday.

Thursday 17th January 2013 9am COURSES ARE CLOSED FOR GOLF. No more snow last night at Greetham Valley but we recorded a low of minus 10. Brrrr! The snow hasn’t even thought about thawing, no matter how many members turn up for coffee and gaze forlornly out of the window…. Roads etc should all stay clear for easy access to us all day and evening. Robert’s trusty snow plough is parked outside my house ready for him to strap on at a moment’s notice; we are as ready as we can be for the horrific conditions promised tomorrow….

Wednesday 16th January 2013 10am COURSES ARE CLOSED FOR GOLF. No snowfall last night but the temperature was about minus 6 overnight. Freezing fog this morning had me reaching for the thermal vest and fluffy socks. Absolutely no prospects of a thaw today or tomorrow and just don’t talk to Robert about the snow that is forecast for most of England on Friday. Currently all nearby roads to Greetham Valley are clear of snow; conference delegates have arrived safely and the driveway and carparks will remain clear for the Lions function tonight, as well as Greetham Valley’s Club AGM which starts at 7.30pm.

Tuesday 15th January 2013 2pm COURSES ARE CLOSED FOR GOLF. No more snow last night or today, and temperatures were slightly above freezing by noon which kickstarted a slight thaw BUT forecast is for below freezing again tonight so the courses will retain their 2 inch thick white duvet, I’m afraid. Wood Lane, driveway and car parks all clear; today’s conference delegates were able to get here safely and there should be no issues for all of tomorrow’s conferences either. Access to Greetham Valley should also be fine for the Lions function tomorrow evening, Robert will keep Wood Lane free of snow if any falls tomorrow but please drive carefully on ungritted roads.

Monday 14th January 2013 2pm COURSES ARE CLOSED FOR GOLF. After snowing overnight, the white stuff started dripping down again this morning and continued into mid afternoon – we now have 2 inches lying quietly over the courses. The roads nearby, Wood Lane, driveway and carparks are all clear thanks to Robert and his trusty snowplough (who were out from 5.50am) and the greenkeepers have been gritting. Lots of conferences tomorrow so we’re keeping fingers crossed that there’ll be no more snow overnight – otherwise Robert will have to bounce out of bed early again! The temperature is forecast to not go above freezing so little likelihood of melt I’m afraid. Great. Not.