Jazz goes to puppy playgroup

Sitting at attention on a loose lead - perfect puppyA month ago, we decided that young Jazz, our black labrador puppy, was spending far too much time smooching with Golf Club members and Hotel visitors and had actually started to forget that she is in fact of the canine variety. So we enrolled her at puppy playgroup, run by the lovely Julia at Stamford Dog Training, to meet other four footed buddies and get some extra tips on training too.

She nearly went cross-eyed with astonishment at her first meeting of the 7 other pups –  they came in all shapes, colours and sizes and she was clearly delighted that she was one of the tallest, with the exception of Lola, a luscious leggy English Pointer. Jazz now has a date with the other 7 puppies every Saturday and after her third session some of the training is starting to sink in – a Labrador will do anything for food, after all………

At the playgroup, she has also met two VERY large but friendly adult dogs – Muttley the labradoodle and Benton the German Shepherd – who very benignly allowed all 8 pups to investigate them thoroughly with varying degrees of excitement!

Who hasn’t yet seen the YouTube clip of Fenton the black labrador and his encounter with the deer in Richmond Park? Bet Fenton didn’t go to Stamford Dog Training…….

Update on Jazz

Jazz at 21 weeksGreetham Valley’s black labrador Jazz is now 21 weeks old and learning all about life on a busy hotel and golf complex. So many people to meet and greet with a big smile and waggy tail! It can all get very exhausting for a young lady, even if that ever-wagging tail does help propel one along.

Jazz lives with Beau, an oldtimer Weimaraner (try saying that quickly) who, if truth be known, is in reality a grumpy old goat. At first, he was able to stop Jazz from trying to be an ear ornament by lifting his head as high as possible out of reach but as her legs have grown he’s given up and graciously allows her to attach herself lovingly. Which of course becomes very boring when you’re ALLOWED to do something – so she leaves him alone. Canny old dog…..

She had a lovely friend staying in pet friendly Mill Cottage last week, a very amiable Golden Retriever called Charlie who thoroughly enjoyed his walks around Rutland during his stay. She has heard a rumour that another black labrador will be in residence in Mill Cottage on a three week holiday break soon, so is rubbing her paws with glee at the potential fun to be had!

Solar power rules OK?

At Greetham Valley we are very proud of our ‘green’ credentials (please see our Green Policy page for more details).

The latest project that we are researching is the provision of electricity by solar panels to be fitted onto our rather large expanse of south facing roofs. The electricity bill of any hotel or leisure complex would always cause a sharp intake of breath and we run around turning off all excess lights etc (WHY are they being left on anyway?)

Now we are being approached by several companies looking at supplying solar panels and dangling the government’s feed-in tariff carrot in front of us – but how long these tariffs can be sustained is another matter – they are reducing anyway in April 2012, as the subject becomes more contentious. Read more..

However, the appeal of Greetham Valley producing up to 50% of our daytime electricity (yes, even in the depths of a very overcast winter apparantly) is still mighty tempting. The cost of the panels has greatly reduced in recent months and this is therefore now a much more viable proposition and as ever we are very keen to make Greetham Valley as eco-friendly as possible. Watch this space…or roof!

Improving the guest experience at Greetham Valley

Rutland Lodges and Mill Cottage at Greetham Valley are all assessed annually by VisitBritain’s Quality in Tourism inspectors and we are delighted to rate 4* across the board for our holiday break lodges and cottage.

This summer our inspector Jill had some really good suggestions to help us improve even further – just little things that actually have a big impact.

For example, in Mill Cottage, the bedrooms were all freshly decorated in cream and white emulsion with cream and white linen. ‘Rustic’ pictures adorned the walls and Jill agreed all looked very clean and welcoming. She then suggested one feature wall in each of two of the bedrooms – using modern, striking wallpaper – and change the ‘old fashioned’ pics. As we were still cleaning the cream paint off our hands, we were a bit reluctant to dig out the DIY gear again but eventually followed her advice – and what a difference!

Jill sees so many properties in her quality assessment role – she certainly knows what works. We are now going to incorporate this ‘feature wall’ theme throughout our Hotel in our winter maintenance programme

We also welcome suggestions from our guests regarding how to improve on their experience at Greetham Valley – please do get in touch with us with your ideas!

Introducing Jazz

Nope, not jazz the music – meet Jazz the black Labrador puppy, the newest addition to Greetham Valley. Jazz is currently training owners, staff, club members and guests to be at her beck and call… She lives on site with the family, close to Mill Cottage and Rutland Lodges and is usually to be seen on walkies around the estate or flopped out in the Directors’ office. Why not introduce yourself to her on your visit – don’t forget the biscuits!  Mill Cottage and two of our Rutland Lodges are pet friendly so why not bring your four footed friends for walkies in this lovely corner of Rutland?