Green Policy

Our green credentials are good!

Greetham Valley spends considerable time and effort on investigating viable and sustainable ways to reduce our carbon footprint, with the ‘holy grail’ aim of eventually becoming carbon neutral.
Coppicing at Greetham Valley in RutlandNorwegian Log cabins at Greetham Valley in Rutland

  • we have installed a biomass boiler which is powered by woodchip, some of which is produced on –site from our own coppiced trees. This massive and very clever boiler provides:
    • heat and hot water for all eight of our Rutland Lodges
    • heat and hot water for our Lounge Bar, restaurants and golf club changing rooms
    • hot water for our 35 bedroom hotel
  • our Lodges were purchased from and erected by Norwegian Log, who source the timber from sustainable Norwegian forests
  • we harvest rainwater from our large expanse of roof and hardstanding, which drains into one of our lakes then used to irrigate our golf greens
  • we produce biodiesel on-site from our used kitchen oil, which fuels much of our golf course machinery
  • vegetable food waste from the kitchen is composted along with grass cuttings; this rich crumbly compost is then used across the estate
  • we recycle glass (loads of wine and beer bottles!), cardboard, newspaper and ink cartridges
  • since 1991 we have planted 25,000 trees across the estate. For every tree we coppice for the woodchip burner we plant two more
  • our cleaning and housekeeping supplies are all eco-friendly across the complex
  • we have constructed a reed bed to improve the quality of discharge water
  • after consultation with the Hawk and Owl Trust we have erected eight owl and eight kestrel boxes across the estate over the past 3 years. They have all been occupied this year – not always by their intended inhabitants!! However, one box has definitely had a pair of barn owls raising a chick this year
  • we have constructed 19 ponds and lakes across the estate which have attracted a diversity of flora and fauna
  • we are currently investigating joining the Green Tourism Business Scheme – we comfortably meet a great deal of their criteria and we are currently ensuring that we can viably attain the rest before we apply to join the Scheme