18th green on the Lakes course.

I would just like to explain the sudden activity around the 18th green on the Lakes course.
It has long been our intention to widen the path next to the green and allow buggies access; such work would normally have been carried out during the Autumn/Winter when we have more time, but as we were also constructing a reed bed, we had quite a lot of stone to dispose of, so it was decided that rather than move the stone twice we would widen the path now.
We tipped approximately 50 tonnes of stone into the lake which gave us a bit more space to construct the path. This is now complete and hopefully didn’t disrupt your golf too much. Buggy users will still be directed down the left side of the fairway but will now be able to use the new path instead of having to go around the 18th Valley.

Other news… we have been growing strawberries this Spring in our new polytunnel, and these are just about ready now for picking. I would like to add that they have been grown with seaweed as their main nutrient and no fungicides have been used, so please look out for our home grown strawbs and let us know what you think!