August on The Green ..

I have just returned from a 2 week cruise around the med and just about got my land legs back in time to start work on Monday. Stuart, my deputy, took charge during one of our busiest fortnights and I would like to thank him for maintaining our high standards through Captains’ Weekend and also the Pro-Am with limited staff.

You may have noticed this week that we have been carrying out some severe maintenance work on the Valley greens. It may seem more disruptive than you are used to seeing, and the reason for this is that I now carry out all the major renovation work at the same time, whereas in the past this has been split up, previously creating 2-3 periods of disruption as opposed to just one.

The work that we have carried out is…. vertidraining (deep aeration), hollowtining (thatch removal), scarifying, overseeding and then topdressing. And now with all this work out of the way, you can enjoy good quality putting surfaces for the remainder of the year and into 2012.

I will shortly be fertilizing the tees surround and fairways with a liquid feed in order to keep the growth ticking over as we head towards the Autumn.

I thought I would list some rainfall figures so you can see just how dry this spring/summer has been.

                  2010          2011
March        39mm        4mm
April           15mm        2mm
May            19mm        33mm
June           45mm       40mm
July            47mm       67mm

Total         165mm      146mm

Last year was one of the driest on record and this year has been even dryer. As a comparison, for the same period in 2009, we had 238mm!!!!!