Block paving and new topdresser!

We have now finished the block paved paths around the putting green and on the 10th hole on the Lakes course and I am sure you will all agree it is a vast improvement . There have been many suggestions as to where we should do next – thank you, members! – and these will be a priority when we continue with the paving  in the Autumn (or sooner!).

We have also managed to fit in some greenkeeping this week as well! We have lightly scarified the greens after applying lawn sand last week; this procedure is aimed at controlling the invasion of moss,which has thrived throughout last year due to the wet conditions.

We then followed up with a very light dressing of sand using the new topdresser; it can apply very small amounts of sand very accurately and is so light it doesn’t need brushing in. The sand is distributed in such a way that it is thrown into the canopy of the sward. My intention this season is to do this operation on a 2 weekly cycle which will sustain a very smooth putting surface along with all the agronomic benefits.

Fairways and rough have been cut this week and I hope to cut and fertilise the tees next week and return the tee markers to the normal summer playing areas, although Mother Nature may have something to say about that as I think we are in for another blast of cold weather!!

Enjoy your golf! Adi