February News from the Greens

I get the feeling that Spring is just around the corner – although the first two weeks in February are traditionally the coldest, the sight of the sun, the early hawthorn breaking buds and the emergence of the daffodil shoots certainly gives you a good feeling!

I am at present constructing new pathways around the putting green which should be completed next week; I will then start the path on the 10th hole on the Lakes, which will take about two weeks if the weather is on our side. No guarantees on that, looking at the weather forecast for the weekend and beyond!

The wooden benches and tee markers have all been treated and are ready to go back out on the courses. We have repaired the sleeper bridge next to the 11th tee on the Valley. The new Ladies’ tee on the 12th Valley has been constructed and will be in play from the start of the season.

I will be treating the moss in the greens very shortly with lawn sand and give them a light scarifying. And then top dressing will commence ! This year we will be purchasing a new topdresser, which is able to apply very light amounts of sand in a very short time. It’s quite a large capital expense but it will enable us to apply sand on a monthly programme, aimed at helping to keep the courses in the best possible condition throughout the year.You will hardly notice that it has been done each time as there will be no disruption to play at all.

Enjoy this month’s golf!

Regards, Adi