First Spring report from the greens

Despite the short Easter week and the continued bad weather,the green keeping team managed to get quite a lot of work done out on the courses. All fairways have been fertilised, although this is a month later than last year. Greens are still showing no signs of growth yet so to increase the speed for this weekend’s golf, we ironed them and also put another light topdressing of sand on.

We have been busy clearing up the wood from the left of the 17th Valley. The removal of these trees has been necessary as some are diseased (not ash dieback ), and some have started to rot from the centre of the trunk.  The positive outcome of this will be that the logs will provide some of the heating in the Lounge bar next winter!

Hopefully next week we will see a change in the weather to a milder, possibly wetter, pattern and this will promote grass growth and allow us to get the courses into their peak condition.

I know you will have noticed the coloured flag positioning by now and it is hoped that many of you have seen an improvement to your game! Do let us know your thoughts.

Enjoy your golf

Adi Porter, Course Manager