From the greens 16th March

hollowcoringWell from a quiet week last week to full on this week!

Key focus is on tees, we are vertidraining them, following by cutting then hollowcoring. This will be then be followed with overseeding the bare areas. Then finally a slow release fertiliser will be applied, which will supply the turf’s needs for 5 months.

We are also marking out fairways to prepare for the first cut, although this will be started next week now.

We have now finished turfing the bunker on the 15th Lakes fairway, and will do the 16th and 9th tee next week.


Insect hotelI am soon to start building a bird hide along the footpath that runs through the course and this will tie in nicely with some other ideas I have for this year.

I am on a mission to continue developing the environment throughout the courses to further encourage our already thriving wildlife.

This involves the building of some insect/bug hotels, along with creating sites for butterflies and solitary bees, so keep a look out for them appearing!