Greetham Valley from first date to wedding day!

Mitch BardwellSomething I really enjoy about organising weddings and celebrations at Greetham Valley is meeting different people and getting to know them personally over the twelve plus month period that I spend with them arranging their special day. One couple whose wedding day is now quickly approaching actually met at one of our ‘Greetham Valley Great Nights Out’ last year!

James and Helen met at our Elton John Tribute Night back in January 2011 and instantly clicked! Talk about a high pressured first date – James ended up spending the entire evening with Helen and her family singing along to all the tunes. I’ve been told that James handled the night with great aplomb and although he and Helen did not know much about Elton’s music they had a great night giggling at the random pulsating hat movements and it was the perfect start to their future.

Since then James and Helen have been to every ‘Greetham Valley Great Night Out’ and often come up for dinner, making great use of their Greetham Valley Loyalty Card, so when it came to deciding where to hold their Rutland wedding reception, Greetham Valley was the ideal choice. At first we struggled to find an available date and it looked as though the wedding reception would have to be held elsewhere! But as fate would have it, just at the last minute we had an event postponement which released the perfect date for them!   I’m sure that you’ll agree that this is a marriage that is definitely meant to be.

I’ve found that you can never be too organised when planning your wedding day. I’ve had couples come in with folders full of paperwork, photos, material samples and check lists as long as your arms and both the couples and myself have found them to be very useful. It really helps everyone to imagine how your special day will look  as it starts to take shape. If you have just begun to plan your wedding or even if you are well on the way, I would definitely recommend that you put together a check list that works for you; you can find loads online which also have time lines on that really help with the planning.