Greetham Valley golf course maintenance update March 2012

Screening the 'homemade' compost ready for the coursesWith the snow well and truly gone, the greenkeeping team has been able to cut many areas of the courses to get a bit of definition back. The slow release fertiliser is now being applied to all areas to encourage some growth and I am starting to slowly lower the heights of cut.
The composting that we started last year has been a success; we are now screening all of last year’s decomposed leaves and kitchen waste, and will be spreading it on to some of the weaker fairways to improve the organic matter content, which will help to produce a thicker and heathier sward.
We have planted some 300 new trees (to be named Den’s Spinney in honour of the sterling voluntary work Dennis Millington performs on behalf of Greetham Valley and the members) on the right of the 9th fairway on the Lakes course; this will tighten up the hole and provide some protection between the 9th and 5th. They are very small at present but with some feeding and spraying of the bases and of course some wettish Rutland summers, they will soon grow into good size standards to create a hazard. In the meantime, all the trees should be treated as staked trees and relief taken to avoid damaging them.
I have now started to prepare the courses for
Enlarged 7th bunker Lakes course - beware!Greetham Valley’s 20th Anniversary in order to get them in the best possible condition that the climate will allow – please, no more snow! I will be topdressing the greens as soon as I can see a settled couple of days, this will only be a light dressing so will not disrupt golf in any way, but will improve the smoothness of the surface. The bunkers have been edged and banks will be mown in the next couple of weeks. The final tweaking will be the last week in March when everything will be cut to the regular summer heights, and I can assure you all that the courses will be presented in the best possible condition that mother nature will allow us to do.

Enjoy your golf this month! Adi