Greetham Valley golf course maintenance work update

The maintenance work on the Valley could not have gone better! The weather was as good as it could have been, with the sun shining from Monday morning right through to completion of the work. This allowed us to get all the sand brushed into the hollow tine holes along with the seed, which by the way, germinated within 6 days. You can see the sand mix on the greens on this photo, awaiting brushing in. So all those holes are now filled with sand and new Bent seed which will improve the overall quality of the putting surface. I am now just about back down to the usual cutting of the Valley greens.  

Work on the Lakes’ greens is due to start on the 15th August and will be completed for the weekend (in my absence I might add), with normal surfaces resumed by the end of the following week. This will then allow us to produce good quality putting surfaces throughout the winter with no major disruptive work being carried out.

I will talk about some of the improvements we intend to make to the courses during the winter in my next blog. In the meantime, enjoy your golf out there!