Greetham Valley members’ feedback required!

Hello again all – it’s been a while since my last blog and quite a lot has happened in between, so I will do my best to keep it brief.
The feedback I received after the Anniversary weekend was all good. The courses were in excellent condition and I would like to thank all my staff for their hard work in the lead up.

But boy! Did we get a shock afterwards! It rained and rained and then rained some more! In April alone Greetham Valley had 172mm of rain, which is more than was reported on the national news as the max that they had recorded. Rutland rain rules! This obviously triggered tremendous grass growth and we did our best to keep the course cut and presentable when it was almost too wet to be on the courses. I had to introduce a buggy ban on the Valley course, which is a first for April – apologies to all whom this inconvenienced, but it really was necessary. We evaluated the situation on a daily basis and lifted the ban at the earliest opportunity.
May has been a bit kinder in the resepct that the rain eased a bit and allowed us to get a good dry cut on everything, which always looks better, although we could have done with a bit more sunshine! However, as I write this the forecast is indeed for some warmer weather this week.
The new sprayer which we purchased earlier in the year has been out on several occasions and what a difference it makes. It has speeded the job up and also enables us to be 100% accurate with volume rates etc. Unfortunately, the time we save in the actual spraying operation is taken up in the meticulous cleaning of the machine, as I am determined to keep it in showroom condition for as long as possible – (you could say “I love it”).
Your feedback please! I have currently got a trial going on on some of the fairways on the Lakes course.  The 1st  has been fertilised with the usual slow release, which is on the majority of our fairways;  the 5th  has been fed with an organic fertiliser and the 9th is being fed with liquids. Feedback from members would be extremely valuable – do you see any difference in the three fairways? There is quite a difference in cost and as long as we don’t compromise on the quality, there could be quite a cost saving if rolled out on to all the fairways, which could go towards, say…… a greenkeepers’ party!!!!!
Hopefully that’s brought you all up to date, I will try not to leave it as long for my next report from the greens.