Greetham Valley opens Conference Lounge

Rutland seems to have been taken over by conference delegates recently! At Greetham Valley, February and March have been very busy months, with lots of small conferences, interviews and product launches being held in our smaller meeting rooms overlooking the golf courses. Our forward bookings for conferencing for April are a very mixed bag with regards to sizes – from a three person interview set up to a team building day for ninety!

February also saw the launch of the new Conference Lounge facility, adjacent to the downstairs conference rooms, whilst conference break outs have been upgraded to include mini sausage and bacon rolls on arrival, homemade cookies and a bowl of fresh fruit in the room.

Greetham Valley has recently rolled out a corporate partnership scheme to local companies, which offers benefits to client employees across the range of products over our complex. We have just signed a third such partnership agreement with a local company and are looking forward to offering themselves and their employees privileged access to Greetham Valley’s facilities. Should any Managing Directors or HR personnel wish to discuss the benefits to their company and their employees of  a corporate partnership agreement with Greetham Valley, please contact Claire Daniels