Greetham Valley – The Green Choice

One of the defining things about the Greetham Valley Hotel is the beauty of the location.  From the rolling hillsides to the picturesque Rutland Water nearby, the aesthetics of our venue are a constant reminder as to the importance of preserving our planet.

That’s why at Greetham Valley we do all we can to be as ‘green’ as possible, and are currently working with the ultimate aim of becoming carbon neutral, consistently adjusting our policies to ensure that our facilities are always contributing positively to the environment.

For starters, we’re very proud of the installation of a biomass boiler on-site.  Powered by woodchip and capable of providing heat and hot water for all eight of our Rutland lodges in addition to the Lounge Bar, our restaurants and the changing rooms at the golf club, it’s been a great investment.

Needless to say it’s important for any accommodation that makes as much use of timber as we do to ensure that they obtain the raw materials from the right places.  We’re happy to say that the Rutland Lodges were all created from sustainable Norwegian timber forests, making them another ideal contribution to the welfare of the planet.  It’s not just the Lodges either: for every tree on the estate that we coppice for the woodchip burner, we plant another two in its place.

Recycling is also a key part of our green policy.  As well as glass, plastic and all of the usual items, we also take the time to re-use rainwater (which drains into the lakes and is subsequently used to irrigate our golf greens) and vegetable food waster (recycled into compost and used as compost across the estate).

We’re pretty happy with what we do to help keep things green, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to be resting on our laurels anytime soon.    We’re currently looking into joining the Green Tourism Business Scheme, in order to further progress and work towards our carbon neutral aims!

To find out more about how the Greetham Valley hotel works to help the environment, or simply to find out more about our Rutland Hotel facilities, give us a call now on 01780 460444.