Greetham Valley’s teams in winning form

Greetham Valley’s Seniors are enjoying a fine run of form at the moment. After recently beating Rutland County at home by four and a half to three and a half, they travelled up the A1 to Stoke Rochford for what they know is always going to be a tough game. 

Stoke Rochford are trying out a new system this year of having breakfast before the match instead of dinner after it. After a good breakfast both teams took to the course. First blood went to Seniors’ Captain Rod Wells and playing partner Fred Aspin who won a very tough game with the last putt of the match to win one up. Dave Lucas and Martin Hope won one up and Gordon Wiles and Mel Clark also won by the same score line. David Aldred and John Clinton were next in with the first set back for the visitors, a four and three loss. Neil Bradbury and Ian Ryder came in next with the shock result of the day, winning eight and six.  

 The Greetham Valley team needed only a half to win the match – David Wallace and Barry Tillotson did that and more by winning their game four and three. Martin Boothman and Barry Shaw halved the penultimate game and to cap it all off, John Morfee and Bernard Bell won their game three and two. This meant that Greetham Valley had taken a very rare win at Stoke Rochford by six and a half to one and a half. 

Captain Rod was very pleased with his team and praised their tenacity saying that the three matches won on the final green could have gone either way. They look forward to their next game which is at home to Thorney Lakes on the ninth of May; this is the return leg, Greetham Valley won the first game away at Thorney Lakes a few weeks ago.

First Team Captain Neil Harris was in a slight panic during the week: with a number of key players missing due to other commitments, he didn’t have a full team to travel to Blankney for their match on Saturday. Neil managed to cobble together a team consisting of some regulars and some “volunteers” for the visit to fortress Blankney, so called because the home sides very rarely lose.

Debutants Dean Wilkinson and Chris Wheatland lost their game against a strong opening pair. Paul Clegg and another debutant Dean Greetham reversed that trend to win three and one. Neil Harris and Chris Steele lost their game putting the home team back in charge. George Grant and Fraser Denholm battled hard to halve their game after being behind in the early part of the game. Club Captain Trevor Smith and Andrew Frisby battled back to take the win on the final hole. This left the match finely balanced at two and a half games each, it all depended upon the last game out on the course. Ben Gasson and Ryan Tarrant secured the overall team win by winning three and two, this gave the Greetham Valley team an historic three and a half to two and a half win.

Neil said that everybody had really upped their game and he thanked them for their efforts, with particular  praise for the new players to the team who, win or lose, were there supporting their team members through to the final putt.

The Elsham Foursomes is a unique competition: each match has to go the full eighteen holes and it is the sum of the results of each match which determines the winning team. Greetham Valley played against Belton Woods in the first round. In the first game Jordan Burdall and Chris Steele halved their match. Next up were Neil Harris and Trevor Smith who won as did Adam Clegg and Andrew Frisby who holed the final putt on the last green to secure the overall victory for the Greetham Valley team.

Neil said that it was a hard fought encounter in a difficult format but each and every member of the team played their part to take Greetham Valley through to the next round.