Greetham Valley’s Winter League matches all on schedule

The Sunday Winter League golf competition is played in four divisions, with the top pair in each one going into the hat with the winners from the Saturday Winter League to contest the quarter finals on the 4th of March. After this week’s games all four leaders have the same results, having all won five, lost one, achieving 8 points.

Mick Carnie and Jim Kearny lead Division One,  former Club Captains John Sparks and George Grant lead Division Two, Peter Dickinson and Paul Smith lead Division Three, whilst semi finalist in 2011 Scotty Stevenson and new playing partner Thomas Broom are the leaders in Division Four. 

Thanks to the good weather experienced so far this winter, the League matches are all on schedule: last year one of the games had to be cancelled due to the inclement conditions. With two more rounds to go before the quarter finals, the players in second position in all of the divisions are all hoping that the weather remains good to give themselves a chance to fight for the top spot.