I like the rain!

The bit of rain during August was very much needed and has promoted a little growth throughout all areas of the course. The greens have now fully recovered from the renovation work we carried out recently. The Bent seed has all germinated, the vertidrain holes are covered over, but are still open under the surface, which will encourage deep rooting through a well aerated rootzone and so put the greens in the best of health leading into the Autumn/Winter.

Over the next few weeks we will be demonstrating some new pieces of equiptment to start our machine replacement programme. This will start in Spring 2012 and continue through to 2014 during which time we will have replaced all our major mowing and spraying equipment.

I have started to plan some course improvement work for the winter, and one area I would like to improve is the drainage on some of the Valley fairways. We will probably just do one fairway this Autumn and then assess the improvements through the Winter before we commit to doing any more.
We will hire in a chain trencher and carry out the work ourselves to keep the costs to a minimum. There will be many more projects that we will undertake throughout the course of the winter but I will explain about those as and when they happen.