Maintenance on the golf courses in November

Autumn trees on the golf coursesIt is absolutely amazing how mild and dry it still is for the middle of November!

We are still cutting greens 3 times a week – the grass is so healthy,  it’s really enjoying the mild conditions and simply won’t stop growing! Hopefully the fairways have now had their last cut and we will soon be starting the aeration work on them.

Placing on fairways is now in operation and soon I will be moving the yellow tees forward onto the grass winter teeing areas. There are still only 4 mats that will be used this winter and they are on the 3rd, 13th, 18th on the Valley and the 10th on the lakes.
We are doing our best to clear up the leaves as quickly as we can – the joys of so many deciduous trees all over the golf courses! –  so please be patient as I know from personal experience how frustrating it is to be looking for your ball among the leaf fall.
We are continuing with some re-turfing work around the course and will start on the bunker banks shortly.
I am in the process of planning further changes and improvements to the courses eg extra or larger bunkers, tee improvements etc. Greetham Valley members often have excellent and sensible suggestions regarding increasing enjoyment of play so please do jot them down and hand them to Frank or Robert, who will filter out the possibilities (cheapest) and pass them on to me.
Regards for now, enjoy this unseasonal weather while it lasts!