Maintenance work on Greetham Valley’s golf course

Aerating the 7th greenI would like to explain the reason for the work on the 7th green on the Valley course.
We have aerated the front half of the green with 25mm tines to a depth of 300mm, and filled the holes using 1-2mm grit. This has been done using large funnels as seen here. The reason for this work is to improve the infiltration rate, (the rate at which water moves through the profile). You may have previously noticed the front half of the green had become a bit yellow compared to the back, and this is due to the air space in the rootzone being taken up by water that can’t move through the profile quick enough. If not corrected this would lead to anaerobic conditions resulting in weak growth and thin sward.
Drainage work on 11th fairwayThe drainage work on the 11th fairway on the Valley course will commence on Monday31st October and hopefully be completed by Wednesday 2nd November, during which time the 10th and 11th holes will be closed. Thankyou in advance for your understanding of the requirement for this essential golf course maintenance work.