Rutland panther sighted at Greetham Valley?

Rutland Panther myth?Great excitement for two guests from Australia this week! This lovely couple are staying at Greetham Valley while touring the area and for the past two mornings have spotted what they described as ‘a very large black feline’ strolling across the valley below their hotel room. With glee, they told Gail, their breakfast waitress this morning, about their sighting of the ‘Rutland Puma’ (known locally as the Rutland Panther). Sadly, they haven’t been quick enough to get any photos, but have promised to keep an eye out now every morning for the rest of their stay, with camera to hand.

They were beginning to suspect that it was in reality a very large domestic pussy cat so were also mischievously told by a member of staff (me) about recent possible sightings at Rutland Water of the Loch Ness monster…. They were delighted to be informed of Nessie’s possible migration south and promised to look out for her too… 

 We look forward to receiving any photos and they will be posted here first!

Some years ago, we had a member of staff who had occasion to stay onsite overnight due to a very early start the following morning. He is adamant to this day that he heard ‘a sort of coughing’ outside in the wee small hours, looked out of the window and saw ‘a huge cat slinking across the car park’. He described it as not black, possibly tawny but was unable to pinpoint the colour accurately as it was, after all, 3am! And no, he hadn’t been imbibing that evening! And follow this link for more potential local sightings of these elusive felines.

Hotel life at Greetham Valley can be really quite exciting!  Is the evidence out there ….? We need photos – genuine ones only please!!!