Rutland Water osprey hunts for dinner at Greetham Valley

Where is a camera when you need one?? Just two days after I blogged about hoping we would see Rutland Water’s ospreys overflying Greetham Valley again after their safe return home from West Africa – here one was!

Yesterday afternoon, he made several passes over Meg’s Lake – yep, that’s the one with the big old golden orfe lurking in its’ depths – but by the time I’d stopped admiring him (he’s huge and incredibly graceful!), run around to find my camera (on Jazz the dog’s bed – why?) and got back to the lake, he was just a speck in the sky heading west.

This morning I phoned the knowledgable Tim Mackrill of the Osprey Project at Rutland Water Nature Reserve to see if he knew which osprey it could have been but it definitely wasn’t Osprey 09, one with the satellite tracker,  as he is still en-route over France, currently near Rochefort. Tim said it was likely to have been a male, as the females would probably be at the nest sites begging for food. So the males go hunting to prove themselves the best fish provider around – maybe golden orfe is the equivalent of fine dining in the osprey world?

Tim says the transponder on the other one of the two ‘tracked’ ospreys, AW, stopped sending data in February whilst in the Ivory Coast; sadly this is likely to mean he won’t be returning home. However, the Osprey Project has two more GPS trackers waiting to be fitted this season to two new ospreys.