Rutland Water’s ospreys returning home safely!

Rutland Water’s ospreys are reported to be arriving back at their nests safe and sound after their winter sojourn in West Africa. They have made it on to the BBC News UK Homepage where they have some cracking photos of them clearing out and defending their old nests. I especially love  the upside down osprey doing some spring cleaning – brilliant shot! Also a superb image of one of the males taking on a pair of interlopers – a real don’t mess with me attitude!

The Osprey Project at Rutland Water Nature Reserve is without doubt one of the most popular attractions in Rutland and is perfectly set up for visitors of all ages with webcams, guided walks, osprey and wildlife cruises and family fun days throughout the season. This really is an experience not to be missed!

Rutland Water’s ospreys have been previously spotted scouting out Greetham Valley’s lakes for breakfast and high tea, bringing the Lounge Bar and restaurants to a halt! Apparantly if the water is a little choppy at home, they are not above a short flypast over our calmer waters to see if they can spot the odd carp or trout.  We have photographed them successfully fishing in one of the golf course lakes and we very much hope they will revisit us this year. There’s a very big old golden orfe in one lake who had better watch out….