This week’s golf tip from N1Golf at Greetham Valley

Connect mind and body to improve your golf

Channel your energy toward the target and the ball will follow. A fearful swing rarely produces a courageous shot.

Nick Faldo once said ” Golf is not about the quality of your good shots, it is about the quality of your bad shots”. The score is more affected by the penalties for poor play than by the rewards for good play.

The connection between the mind and body on the golf course cannot be overestimated. Many times a loss of trust occurs when we break our routine and we make subtle changes after we have addressed the ball.

To practice discipline for total commitment to a shot, let the target be your guide:

  • Chip six balls while looking at your target instead of the ball
  • Putt six different putts while looking at the cup
  • From an address position, toss 6 balls with your right hand toward a flagstick, send the ball freely toward your target (initial throws may go left if you hold on too long). Notice how your energy is released outward and toward the target and not downward toward the ground

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