Wedding decorating themes at Greetham Valley – your choice!

No matter what your wedding theme, at Greetham Valley we have very few restrictions enabling you to decorate the room pretty much however you would like!

Over the last year I have seen many different ideas for table centrepieces, from flowers to cupcakes to musical instruments, many of which have doubled up as either gifts, favours or table names. A lot of couples recently seem to be going for smaller centre table decorations like fishbowls, so that everyone can see over them when talking. If they have not gone small they’ve gone BIG with huge margarita glasses lifting their displays high, again so that everyone can talk without having to lean to one side.

I love seeing all the different ideas that couples come up with. We recently had a wedding that was beach themed, where for their table centres they had fishbowls with sand and a candle in, then on a mirror plate surrounding the bowl they had a selection of seashells.  

We’ve had drapes from the ceiling, fairy lights right round the room and bunting along the balcony – but why stop there? Our Rutland Suite is the perfect blank canvas, we prefer to let our glorious Rutland views do the talking and the Bride and Groom plan the decorating!
Civil weddings at Greetham Valley in Rutland