Wedding photographer – choosing the right one is vital!

Mitch BardwellOne thing that needs a lot of consideration for your wedding is your photos – and choosing the right photographer is vital! 

When choosing your photographer, not only do you need to admire their work but you also need to ‘click’ with them; after all they will be a big part of your wedding day and may be with you from before you say ‘I do’ ’til well into the evening!

You may think that there are only so many different ways to take a photo but you would be wrong. We have a wide variety of photographers come to Greetham Valley who all put their own spin on our couples’ big day pictures! If you have been to Greetham Valley you will know that we have some excellent photo opportunities: one that is by far the favourite is when we take the Bride and Groom out on our wedding buggy to an attractive lake on one of the scenic golf courses.

It is worth making a short list of any group photos that you may want on the day, but don’t go mad as you do not want to keep your guests standing around for too long. We find that an hour for photos, drinks and maybe canapés is long enough to get the shots you want without guests beginning to get restless (or tipsy!). 

Be sure to meet with and look through your potential photographer’s previous wedding shoots  (a good time for this is at our twice yearly in-house wedding fairs – the next one is on Sunday 29th September 2013) before paying any deposits and signing on the dotted line. Why not take a look at our online bridal gallery to see what some photographers tend to do when visiting Greetham Valley?
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