Wedding reception guest seating at Greetham Valley

Mitch BardwellAfter Greetham Valley’s hugely successful Wedding Fayre back in February – 2012 is shaping up to be a bumper wedding year, our busiest yet! We have seen a 13% increase from 2011 with 5 of the weddings for this year being booked since January! In my first full season as Greetham Valley’s wedding co-ordinator I am really looking forward to seeing the culmination of many months of planning with all of my brides.

I am asked constantly for advice and tips about planning various aspects of this very special day – it is easy to offer suggestions but each bride and groom are unique so variations on the theme are very interesting to watch develop! One such aspect is the seating of guests at the wedding reception: many brides choose to name their wedding tables as an alternative to numbering them. It’s a great way for your guests to break the ice, and will save you worrying that Aunty Susan will be upset if she’s on table 12 rather than table 3!

Since starting at Greetham Valley nearly 5 years ago I have seen many different ideas, each as good and as unique as the next. We have had tables named after retro sweets with the favours also being those sweets in a jar on the table; places in New York that the couple were going to visit on their honeymoon; Ibiza clubs (don’t ask!), cartoon characters; the word ‘love’ in different languages; Rutland villages; breeds of sheep (two of the local Rutland farming families joined clans for this wedding!); significant dates or places that the couple first met/dated/lived etc; and even things that the couple had argued about, like putting the bins out! One of my favourites – naming tables after relatives who cannot be there, such as their grandparents. I look forward to seeing what this year’s brides have decided upon for their own wedding day.

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