Week 18 of Greetham Valley’s Order of Merit

Greetham Valley’s Winter Order of Merit week 18 played on the Lakes course was a rather chilly, windy and wet affair. Before going off to play in the Mail on Sunday team, Neil Harris had put the four balls out in their position in the league table, meaning that the top four went out last. This really increased the pressure as nobody wanted to make a mistake with their nearest competitor on hand to seize upon it and boost their confidence. 

However, while they were watching each other, those two wily campaigners Martin Boughton and Bob Beverley were coming up on the blind side. Martin won the Order of Merit last year with consistent fourth places, he had his first win of this series with a great thirty eight points and as a reward, had his handicap cut to 9.5. Martin beat Tony Mould on countback by virtue of a better score on the final six holes, Tony was cut to 6.2. Third place went to Greetham Valley Secretary Dennis Millington with thirty seven points, he was cut to 14.8.

Martin moved up to seventh place in the Order of Merit. Long time leader Bob Beverley who had dropped to fifth over the past couple of weeks has moved back into contention and sits in second place albeit 31 points behind leader Adam Clegg. Adam will be hard to catch as he is concentrating on getting a decent score in each game to win the overall title rather than trying to win on the day. 

Fraser Denholm and Elliot Clark took a step backwards this week and allowed the gap between them and Adam to open considerably. With only four games to go and one of them on the shorter par 68 Valley course, they and fifth placed Graham Smith will have to throw caution to the winds to try to catch him.