This week’s tip from the Golf Pro

Do you slice the golf ball?

If your ball starts down the left and often finishes right of target then you are slicing the golf ball (opposite for a left hander). Whilst there are several contributing factors that cause a slice, a very common cause is a poor grip. When you think about it the only contact we have with the club is the way we hold it. If this is incorrect then the swing has to adapt to make up for this.

I often correct the glove hand during a lesson and more often than not the grip is too weak. Here is a great little tip for you to think about when you are driving your car over the next few days. When you place your hand on the gear stick feel the position of your hand. Notice the gear knob is sat in the fingers and not solely in the palm. Notice also that you can see the back of your hand.

Incorrect weak grip  Gear stick grip
weak grip gear stick grip

Your hand should be rotated slightly to the right which will straighten up a slice and send the ball further down the fairway.

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Neil Curtis, PGA Golf Professional