Wet, wet, wet

Well,  June has turned out to be another very wet month. Total rainfall for this year up until the 21st of June is 350mm, and the total for the whole of last year was 429mm, so at this rate we will have had all of last year’s rain by the end of August 2012, with the wet autumn winter months still to come!! Should be a good test for the new drainage on the 11th.

All this rain has meant that the grass hasn’t stopped growing since mid April. We had a nice flush of growth in the spring that we have missed out on the last couple of years and then it has grown and grown and then grown some more. So it has been a struggle to keep the grass at a manageable height and keep all areas playable, which hasn’t been easy as many of the days over the last few weeks have been wet.

All this extra cutting has made a big hole in my annual fuel budget!! As an example…. just one of our rough mowers is using £60 of fuel per day, so with that as a guide, I have estimated that to cut Greens, Tees, Fairways, and rough, costs us…(look away now Robert) £600 per week, and this has been constant since mid April.

Many people have been commenting that the rough is so punishing this year and have we raised the height? Well, I can assure you all that the height is the same as previous year’s (60mm), its just that we have had so much growth that it is really thick and lush. As soon as it dries up a little and dead grass is not an issue, I will lower the height to 50mm to compensate for now not cutting a perimeter cut at 35mm.

That’s it for now, so can everyone please pray that we actually get a warm, dry summer? As I write this the longest day has come and gone and I can already notice that when I walk the dog early morning, it is getting ever so slightly darker!!!!!   Enjoy your golf    Adi