Where is the rain?

Well, the rain that I was hoping for never came, we had 14 mm which is nowhere near enough to promote any significant growth on the fairways and rough. The greens  however are in excellent condition and are the envy of many of our neighbours.
It has been too dry to spray any selective weedkillers so far, so please bear with us: as soon as possible I will be spraying bunker banks, tees and any areas of rough and fairways that require treating.

A message to any readers who like to play their golf at daft o’clock at the weekends: my staff start work at 5.00am to cut greens and prepare bunkers, and they have very limited time to get the jobs done, so please give them priority on the course. They will do their best to allow you to play through but if the flag is out then please don’t play to the green, they will have seen you, but may not have the time to let you play through. I would suggest not teeing off before 5.30am and then you should not have any delays.

I have been invited by one of our machinery suppliers to a visit to Iceland in June. This is purely to prepare myself for the ever increasingly cold winters we are experiencing!!!! It has nothing to do with the playing of golf or visiting the geysers or anything like that! I am thinking of doing a presentation of my visit shortly after my return, so you could well be getting an invite to an evening listening to me waffle on about my dull time in Iceland.

Thats about all for now.