Winter golf course maintenance continues at Greetham Valley

Well, Christmas has come and gone without any of the white stuff falling, which has given everyone a chance to get out and enjoy the golf courses when in previous years it has not been possible.

The weather conditions have been favourable to allow us to continue to present the courses in good order, which will give us an excellent platform to start the new season. I am already planning the purchase of the fairway fertiliser and if these conditions continue I will be fertilising towards the end of February.
The benches are now back out on the courses after my staff have repaired and treated them; the tee markers have been painted and are ready for the start of the season; we just have the flag poles to do when the next inclement weather arrives.
We have started to replenish the sand in the bunkers, and still have a few more of the bunker faces to repair, which will be done throughout February along with bunker edging.
I have spoken to Robert about brightening up the car park, and we are looking at some sort of planting that will define the parking lines a bit better along with improving the aesthetics.
We are at present extending the 10th medal tee on the Lakes, which was made possible when we moved the path last year. This should be completed within the next two weeks. 
I was hoping to block pave some more paths this winter but we haven’t had time; maybe in March I will be able to finish around the putting green, and then we will plan to carry on with the remainder at the end of the year.

Enjoy your golf! Regards, Adi