Adi aims to increase greens’ speed

All efforts this week will be concentrated on green speed on the Lakes course, due to forthcoming Club Championship weekend. I checked the speed of the greens on Monday and they were running at 8 feet, which is classed as medium to fast for general play. My intention is to get them to 10 feet for Saturday morning, which is classed as fast for competition play.

There are several ways I speed the greens up which are: obviously, lowering heights of cut, this doesn’t achieve too much extra speed as I will only reduce the height to 3.5 mm, at present we are at 4mm. Then I will start to dry the surfaces out by reducing irrigation, we will just concentrate on hand watering any dry spots. Then I will increase the amount of ironing we do, this will start on Tuesday, and then Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If by Thursday I am not happy that we will reach 10 feet by Saturday, I will verticut the greens, this will thin out the sward so reducing friction on the ball.

I applied a wetting agent and fertiliser to the greens on both courses yesterday, and am hoping to fertilise all the fairways if the weather suits.

Sprinkler heads are being trimmed around, bunkers on 11th Lakes are being topped up with sand, and if we have time, we will flymo along the stream.