From the Course Manager

Wet, wet, wet!

Everything out on the courses is testing us this winter!! All due to this mild but extremely wet weather we are having. There are many areas out on both courses that are in need of a cut, but because we have had so much rain, along with no drying days whatsoever, they are far too wet to even attempt to cut them.

Winter course

We have managed to keep both the Lakes and the Valley courses open throughout the holiday period but we have now reached the point where I consider it would be detrimental to continue with this, which is why from tomorrow Wednesday 6th January we will have what we are calling our “Winter course” in play.

I have picked out 18 holes from both courses that I feel will stay playable throughout this extremely wet period. These will be the only 18 holes open until Monday 18th January when I will review the situation. The holes will be…  1-9 Lakes, 10,17,18 Lakes, 1,2,8,14,15 and 17 Valley in that order. Areas have been roped off and signs put up so please respect these and don’t deviate from these holes as I am trying to protect the sensitive areas so that we can offer the best quality for when the weather returns to normality.  I am sorry for the disruption in your golf, but it is necessary. Temporary scorecards are available from the Golf Shop, indicating the holes and in which order to play them.

Adi Porter, Course Manager