From the greens 2 February 2016

IMG_2739It’s been a hectic week so far and we are only just half way through Tuesday! We have been out cutting the long rough where it’s dry enough and also cutting the tees with the pedestrian mowers. Surrounds have been cut and also greens cut Monday, bunker banks are to be flymo’ed this week as well. I can’t decide whether this is the last cut of last season, or the first cut of next season!! It’s just crazy to be in this position at this time of year.

The grass just keeps on growing!

At the end of last week I applied the first liquid feed of the year to the greens. You may think that this is a pointless exercise, but with air temperatures in double figures and soil temperatures at 9 degrees, the grass just keeps on growing. I therefore need to apply nutrients on a spoon feeding regime in order for the plant to get what it needs, as with IMG_2741little sunshine and short daylight hours, the plant has less time to photosynthesis.

Time for tee…

The 1st tee on the Lakes course has been widened to create more teeing area, and we have been busy repairing the worn areas on the sides of tees and ends of pathways. The new 9th tee on the Lakes is being turfed this week and I am in the process of preparing the new tee on the 16th Lakes, this should be ready for turfing next week.

Green keeping apprenticeship opportunity

I am still looking for a young person to take on the green keeping apprenticeship we are offering, so if anyone knows of someone finishing education this summer and who would like to work outdoors then please get in touch. It’s a great opportunity!

Adi Porter, Course Manager