From the greens 26 January 2016

aerating greens (2)Dare I say it, we seem to be in a short period of drying weather!! The Valley course is very close to opening up fully. If the rain misses us today then we should be ok for all 36 holes to be open tomorrow. This will then be assessed on a daily basis, as more showers are forecast for the rest of the week.

We are spiking the greens today with 8mm pencil tines, and then cutting straight afterwards so that the true surfaces are resumed immediately. Aeration in these wet conditions is so important to help retain a thick sward, as the prolonged spells of rain depletes all the oxygen in the rootzone so the roots start to get starved and then the plant goes yellow and if not rectified will die. Also as the plant weakens it becomes more prone to fungal diseases.

Pruning of the conifer trees continues, and we are re-turfing some of the worn areas around tees and pathways.

If it stays dry we will attempt to get the surrounds cut as they are looking more like fairway height at the moment. We will start to cut tees, but as this will have to be done with pedestrian mowers it will most likely have to be finished next week.

Adi Porter, Course Manager