Greens maintenance week successfully completed

sunday-evening-startThe renovation work last week couldn’t have gone better, the weather was on our side, although maybe a little too hot! And all machinery completed their tasks without any breakdowns.

I did have a few grumbles from members regarding not the greenkeepers not moving off the greens to allow play. This I’m afraid is just not possible during maintenance week as we have so much work to complete in such a short time – if we waited for every golfer to play through we would never get the work completed on time.

We worked from 5am through to 7pm from Monday to Wednesday night and then a lay in for Thursday (6am) gave the lads a little more time to recuperate.

Just to let you know a few facts and figures from last week:

We used 1 full set of hollowtines £200; 1 set of Vertidrain tines £150; 90 tonnes of sand £2,800; 4 bags of grass seed £1,200; 40 bags of fertiliser £1,000; 36 wetting agent tablets £380; additional man hours £2,380; Diesel £400

This all adds up to approx £8,500. So you can see that maintaining the renowned high quality of our greens doesn’t come cheap!

This week is little more relaxed, fairways will be cut twice, rough cut once, tees surrounds cut once and I will be spraying a selective weedkiller on the tees as soon as the wind drops.

We will also be applying another light sand dressing to the greens, this will help smooth out the surfaces and restore them back as quickly as possible to the usual high standard you have come to expect. We have started to cut the natural grassland also, and will be tackling the long rough very soon, “yippee” I hear you shout!