Greetham Valley round up, Week 4

Gents’ Winter League

The weather finally relented and allowed the full Lakes course to be played after what seems to be weeks of rain with a little snow thrown in. Last week’s Winter League competition had to be cancelled, with all matches being designated as a half. As a result, with 4 rounds still to be played, the league has unbeaten teams of Graham Smith paired with Ian Copley, and Anthony Mousley playing  with John Herbert, vying for leadership of League 3; in League 4 Matt Williams and Bryan Birchall are also unbeaten. In the first two leagues there is all to play for with four teams in each league being separated by only 3 points.

Order, Order

In the Winter Order of Merit, after four rounds, Nick Cunnington leads overall with a total of 108 points closely followed by Sam McCall, Neil Crees and Bill Guest who are all within 20 points of Nick.

A league of their own…

The Seniors’ section played the sixth of the ten rounds of their Winter Leaguecompetition on the Winter Course which had been set up to allow 18 holes of golf over a mix of the Lakes and Valley courses. As the winner will be decided by the aggregate score over the best six rounds (of ten) the following weeks will decide the overall winner. In the latest round there was a surprise winner in John Clinton who played the best round he has had in over two years with a score of 42 points. John was not sure where it came from but was delighted to find he could still string 18 holes of consistent golf together. Second place went to John Dowding with 40 points and John is increasingly looking like a likely winner as he is well up the leader-board even after starting  the competition with two sub-30 scores which will be discounted in the coming rounds. Third place went to David Aldred with 38 points. The current overall leader, Rob Gray, also scored well to maintain his position overall.

For those in peril

On Monday, playing a Yellow Peril competition over the newly re-opened Lakes course, the Seniors had a finely contested day with the top three teams being very close. In third place David Wallace, Robert  Birch and Keith Godwin scored 74 points; second place was taken by Peter Giblett, Colin Avery (with his enhanced driving technique) and Trevor Davis with 75 but the winning position with 76 points was held by the reliable John Dowding, Mike Hoye and Mike Maffei.
David Aldred, GV Newshound