From the Pro Shop this month

A tip for June
What do you do if you hit the ball more than once……….

 Rule 14-4
In the past week a Greetham Valley member asked me for advice on a ruling that had come up. He had hit the ball more than once in the process of playing a shot. Rule 14-4 states that:
If a player strikes his ball more than once in the course of a stroke the player must count the stroke and add a penalty stroke, making a total of two strokes in all.
Beat the Pro Challenge

Yesterday Greetham Valley hosted a golf day for Carlsberg which has become an annual event. I took part in a “Beat The Pro Challenge” on the sixth hole of the Lakes. I am pleased to report that after two and a half hours of playing the same hole I had a record year with only three of the competitors managing to hit closer to the pin than me. On Thursday I will be competing on the 18th of the Valley against the participants of another annual large charity golf day staged by Studex.

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball Deal
At the moment in the Golf Shop we have an offer on Titleist Velocity golf balls. They are normally £23.50 per dozen but you can now buy two dozen for £39. The Velocity golf ball really flies a long way, let’s hope they are heading down the fairway and not into the trees! The balls are piled on the promotion stand near to the shop desk, why not grab a couple of boxes. Remember you can use your membership card in the pro shop as well as behind the bar.