Treading water…

fairway markingWe are still just about treading water out on the course!  The Winter course is standing up well to the conditions and I am very pleased with the feedback from both members and some very surprised visitors whose own courses are completely closed! There are some wet areas around tees etc, so I have had to move the tee blocks forward to allow these areas to recover, at present it is just the 1st and the 9th.

Growth has still been way above the norm, and the top picture shows where we have marked out the fairways, there is hardly any difference in the fairway and rough, but it is still much too wet to cut.

The other picture below shows the new growth on a hawthorn, it is about 50mm in length, in a normal year I would expect them to still be in tight bud.

Change is on the way though. We are expecting temperatures to drop to low minus hawthornefigures, which will put the brakes on growth and, with the clear skies, sunny days should follow. This will allow everywhere to dry out a little and who knows, maybe we will be looking to open up both courses towards the end of next week.

Work does continue, we are carrying on pruning the conifers around the course to allow a shot to be played from underneath them. I have had some good feedback so I hope you’re all happy with the results.

When it dries out, we will be repairing some of the worn areas next to tees and ends of paths.